Zealy: Where Ambitious Projects Meet Easy and Rewarding Experiences

Banksters is a WEB2 and Web3 game that combines financial trading with a unique gaming experience.

Zealy: Where Ambitious Projects Meet Easy and Rewarding Experiences

Hello and welcome to the Zealy blog! Today, we're excited to share an interview with Alex Carbunariu, discussing Banksters.

In the interview, Alex shares insights into the game's objectives, player experience, and community rewards with Zealy. Let's dive in!

Tell us about your Project.

Banksters is a pioneering WEB2 and Web3 game that combines the thrill of financial trading with a unique gaming experience. Our mission is to enhance trading knowledge through an immersive gaming experience. Banksters takes players on a "Crypto Journey" in the trading world, providing insights into how mining and NFT usage work. The game simulates real-world trading dynamics, allowing players to engage in risk-free trading within a competitive multiplayer environment. It helps players understand how trading works, from selecting cryptocurrencies to managing portfolios, without exposing them to real-world financial risks.

At its core, Banksters aims to educate and entertain. Players learn to trade while progressing through the game, building up their knowledge and strategy with each level. The game offers a variety of NFTs that players can buy, sell, or hold, promoting deeper engagement. An important element of Banksters is the presence of "abilities" that are brought from the real world. Players can use the "Crypto powers" of well-known figures like Elon Musk, CZ (CEO of Binance), and Vitalik Buterin inside the game. Other aspects of the trading world are also included, such as Market Squeeze, Pump and Dump, Hype, and even Insider Trading.

The Banksters team has analyzed the market and developed a unique price algorithm that was infused into these abilities, giving players almost the same effect as real-world trading. Players must optimize the unique Cloud Miner and level up their NFTs to unlock other abilities and increase their points, providing a unique experience.

At the end of the day, anyone can play Banksters, regardless of their level of knowledge. The game aims to attract experienced gamers, traders, and NFT enthusiasts, as well as those who want to learn more about how crypto works. The game is live and can be played for free by anyone.

Tell us about your role

I am purely in love with everything related to WEB3 and Crypto. I have struggled my whole career to be affiliated with real projects with a really hardworking team that wants to change the WEB3 space.

My role is somehow unique. Basically, some of my colleagues say "I read minds'' when it comes to marketing and product development. This is to my obsession with consumer physiology, which I have obtained working in the WEB2 world. I think more roles like this will come more and more in the Crypto Space.

Why do you like using Zealy?

It's easy to use, it's safe for the consumer as well as for the projects. We have to admit, the bots are everywhere, we can get rid of them that easily.

This is where Zealy shines, and to be honest, I recommend this platform to everyone, WEB3 Projects as well as people that want to check really cool projects while getting rewarded.

What’s your Quest strategy like - and your absolute favourite Quest?

BankstersNFT on Zealy

I think when it comes to our WEB3 Game, we need to let the user be comfortable with the quests that we are publishing.

I think my favourite one is actually the one when you have to ''Join the Live Stream'' this way users can see our faces and interact with us directly.

What Rewards do you currently offer your community?

I think we are one of the few that offer stable coins as rewards, and to be honest we rewarded more than $ 30 000 in the last 3-4 months. The tasks are easy to do, and people actually enjoy it. And since they get to know the projects, most of them will invest in tokens and NFTs.

I think WEB3 will take over, more and more companies and highly trained individuals are moving to web3 and I think this is just the start. We can finally move from price speculation toward actual web3 usage.

What other Web3 projects are you also super excited about right now?

I think SUI is interesting, and even Arbitrium. But ETH is my personal favourite.

Where else can people find your project on social and Zealy?

Thanks for having me! Here's our Discord and our community on Zealy!

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