We broke the rule.

We broke the rule.
Flavien and I are eating at a delicious seafood restaurant in Ericeira, Portugal.

Our team just killed the stereotype that only tech can build products. At Zealy, we have a unique tradition: hackathon.

This isn't just any event. It's a core part of our culture, a reflection of our love for crafting new products and having fun with the latest technologies. It's a time when everyone at Zealy, no matter their role, gets to share in the excitement of making something new. This shared passion is what brings us together, and it's what we look for in the people we hire.

Initially, we mixed tech and business talents in the hackathon teams. We thought it was cool to work with people you rarely work with every day. However, during the hackathons, we noticed that business talents were limited to suggesting ideas, prompting AI, and doing sideline work rather than actively building products. This didn't seem right to us. The essence of our hackathons is the art of crafting products, to turn ideas into tangible products.

So, we decided to try something different: separate hackathons for tech and business teams. We weren't sure what to expect. We just wanted to see if things would be different.

Take 10 seconds to think by yourself. What do you think happened?

The results were amazing. Business folks transformed into product builders. Instead of waiting for the tech team to build, they started creating MVPs themselves using no-code tools and LLMs. These tools are so powerful now that you can turn an idea into reality in a single day.

Flavien, a growth intern, amazed everyone. In one day, he developed a feature on a react app we'd been discussing for a year. It wasn't ready for a million users yet, but seeing it live was a game-changer. We started using it, and it was even clearer: this had to be part of Zealy. He even embodied Zealy's commitment to crafting amazing products! Flavien's project wasn't just a functioning product, it was beautiful, matching our high design standards.

The best part is that Flavien wasn't alone. Others created a fully functioning marketplace, with Airtable and Pory powering the back and front ends. These weren't just side projects. They were potential game-changers for Zealy.

This hackathon structure proved that with the right mindset and tools, there's no limit to what we can create, regardless of our roles. :) Anyone can participate in the art of crafting amazing products. How? Give them no other choices than building by themselves.

Stay tuned. We might share the MVPs they've developed. It's a story of innovation, building, and hacking, and we can't wait to show the world what this is all about