How to Use Zealy to Foster Product Adoption and Grow Your Startup Community

In this post, we'll explore how to use your Questboard to create a winning strategy to foster the product adoption of your Startup while also growing your community.

How to Use Zealy to Foster Product Adoption and Grow Your Startup Community

By Brenda C.

Drawing on the expertise of Omni Network, Foxify Trade and Dackie Swap some of the top Startup Projects using Zealy right now, we'll break down the key components of a successful strategy to encourage proper product adoption and increase your brand awareness.

Quests for Brand Recognition & Brand Loyalty

If you’d like to:

  • Invite your community to proudly display your brand merchandise, assets, and NFTs
  • Encourage engagement by commenting, tweeting, or mentioning your brand.
  • Extend your social media reach and increase the visibility of your brand.

This is a must-have Quest! The Image Submission will let your contributors send a screenshot of their comments, a personalized profile picture, a photo of their merch, artwork or anything related to your brand.

Foxify Trade motivates their contributors to promote the brand wherever they go! The brand's visibility and recognition become a shared objective for enthusiastic project supporters, who are also rewarded upon successful completion of the Quests.
Foxify is a first-of-its-kind, decentralized trading platform offering peer-to-peer options and perpetual trading, built on the Arbitrum blockchain and launching in partnership with Tyson Fury.

Find Foxify Trade on Zealy and start participating in the community

The Creator Quest: Encourage Your Community to Produce Content

If you're seeking to:

  • Amplify brand reach and engagement through shared content
  • Foster a sense of pride and ownership within the community
  • Recognize and reward participant efforts

Then The Creator Quest is perfect for you! This one encourages your community members to create their own content, showcasing their unique perspectives and talents that align with your brand.

Daackie Swap has fully embraced Zealy by creating a captivating Questboard. Within the Content Quackcreator category, the community is encouraged to unleash their creativity through writing, video creation, graphics, and memes.
Read more about Dackie Swap here and join the community on Zealy to start participating!

Product Adoption Through Education Quests

These Quests are designed to inform and guide participants, breaking down complex concepts into easily digestible steps.

With assessments to track progress and provide valuable feedback, participants are motivated by enticing rewards and incentives.

Omni makes sure their community understands their product inside out and utilizes a dedicated Quiz Quest category to achieve this. These quizzes serve as an interactive and fun way to reinforce understanding and retention.
Omni Network is a global, programmable interoperability layer for Ethereum. It aims to simplify the developer experience for deploying secure, cross-rollup applications in Ethereum's increasingly fragmented ecosystem.

Find Omni's Questboard and join the community to participate in the latest Quests

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