How to Achieve User Engagement: Relative's Gamified Quest Strategy with Zealy

Discover how Relative is using Zealy to have an engaged community while improving their product adoption and fostering education.

By Brenda C.

By Brenda C.

Relative is leveraging an ecosystem of cross-sector decentralized applications (dApps) that focus on derivatives and gamified skill-based wagering. The company aims to disrupt the SocialFi, DeFi, and GameFi sectors, which lack suitable Web3 infrastructure and accessibility for both average Web3 and legacy Web2 users.

Zealy has undoubtedly been an integral part of our journey so far for two reasons:

1. It provides protocols with unparalleled flexibility when creating community incentives.
2. The data available to premium subscribers have been extremely useful in evaluating what works and makes the Relative community tick.

Karan, co-founder and CEO at Relative.

Connecting Communities with Ease: Web3 Adoption Made Easy

Relative identified these challenges:

  1. Limited accessibility and appeal for both Web3 and Web2 users.
  2. Lack of suitable Web3 infrastructure for derivatives and gamified skill-based wagering.
  3. Difficulty in driving mainstream adoption of decentralized applications.

The Solution:

Relative used Zealy to develop a gamified strategy to engage users in the community. They are using a Questboard to provide a clear and structured step-by-step process for everyone at every stage of their project.

The Relative x Zealy Success: Significant Community Growth and Engagement

Growth: Within one month of their open beta launch, Relative connected over 7,500 wallets, showcasing significant user adoption and interest.

Engagement: Relative's Quest strategy, gamification elements, and progression-based Quests have improved the overall user experience and kept users engaged with the dApp.

We stealth-launched our product at the end of Q1 and are currently in open beta. We designed an airdrop around our Quest campaign, which is running on Zealy.

In just one month, we've connected over 7,500 wallets. This is largely due to Zealy's incredible platform, which allows us to provide curated and unique community incentives.

Karan, co-founder and CEO at Relative.
Relative actively promotes community engagement through periodic events, promotions, and bi-weekly sprints. Bonus XP is awarded to top questers, fostering healthy competition and motivating users to actively participate and contribute.

Mastering the Questboard and Creating an Addictive Web3 Experience with Zealy

The Relative Questboard includes various categories, starting with social boosts, followed by Quests that unlock different aspects of the dApp.

Relative’s Goals:

✔ Drive traffic
✔ Reward early adopters
✔ Provide users with a game-like and progression-based Quest campaign

Gamification and Progression

Relative implemented conditional Quests, which require users to complete Quests or reach specific levels to unlock new ones. This provides a game-like and progression-based experience for users, encouraging their continued engagement.

“Building a board on Zealy is straightforward and easy to use. We have created a clear flow of Quests that goes from Social and Dapp to Quiz and Discord Roles. We designed the Questboard with our user's experience in mind” says Karan.

Streamlining On-Chain Activity: Relative Integrates Zealy API for Seamless Engagement

In their pursuit of automating and designing incentives for on-chain activity, Relative harnessed the Zealy API's power.

Their main idea revolved around creating user-friendly and easily verifiable Quests.

The seamless integration of the Zealy API enhances Relative's website with advanced features and improves user experience.
"We have seen more than 92 000 Quest claims with more than 8000 users attempting a Quest in the 8 weeks that we've been live on Zealy - I think it safe to say that this has only been possible because we took the time to study the Zealy platform and figure out the optimal way to design and create these Quests” - adds Karan.

Fostering Education and Increasing Participation

Through the combined power of the Relative Arena and the onboarding quiz, Relative has created a captivating and educational experience for users, fostering engagement and participation in the world of narrative-based wagering.

The Relative Arena is a narrative-based wager that runs on a daily and weekly basis, allowing users to speculate on assets based on different narratives, and users can earn more rewards by participating in them.
“The arena itself is a really cool tool for us to highlight these trends and let people learn more about how these narratives play out and you know, their impact on price action. Through Zealy we're able to reward people for participating in these specific wagers” - adds Karan.

Unlocking Incentives: Accelerating Community Growth

Relative is currently running an airdrop campaign for beta testers. During the campaign, all XP earned by guild members will be converted to xRLTV, which is an IOU token for RLTV, Relative's native token.

After the Token Generation Event (TGE), all xRLTV earned can be swapped 1:1 for RLTV. Additionally, bi-weekly sprints have been ongoing where bonus XP is awarded to the top questers for the week, giving new community members a chance to rise up the leaderboard.

Revolutionizing Web3 Engagement

Zealy has emerged as a valuable resource for web3 startups, addressing two common challenges: data availability, particularly in marketing efforts, and community incentives.

"Founders frequently struggle with these issues, and Zealy offers an effective solution by enabling protocols to bootstrap and gamify community building through carefully curated incentive campaigns While there is still more progress to be made, Zealy stands as a powerful tool for web3 startups, empowering them to drive growth and engagement within their communities" - says Karan.

Relative's gamified Quest strategy on Zealy has not only facilitated Web3 adoption for their community but also transformed the way users engage with decentralized applications. By combining innovation, education, and community-driven incentives, Relative continues to drive the growth and evolution of the Web3 landscape.

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