How to Boost Your NFT Project on Social Media with Zealy

In this post, we'll explore how to use your Questboard to create a winning strategy to boost your NFT community on social media.

How to Boost Your NFT Project on Social Media with Zealy

By Brenda C.

Drawing on the expertise of Stork, Dosi NFT, and WizardLand Sui, some of the top NFT collections using Zealy right now, we'll break down the key components of a successful strategy to increase your members, engage them into your brand and elevate interaction.

1. The Follow Quest

Dosi’s Social Media Questboard on Zealy


✔ Increase followers
✔ Enhance visibility
✔ Improved brand recognition

DOSI has a mission to "popularize NFTs," and they are taking a unique approach to achieving this goal. They are building an NFT platform that prioritizes typical users and emphasizes service value.

Find DOSI on Zealy and join the community to participate

2. The Daily Quests

Stork Daily Quests on Zealy

Achieving engagement through Daily Quests on Zealy is a powerful strategy to ensure user retention and encourage users to keep coming back.

Tip: Set a variety of Quests offering different activities or challenges for users to complete each day. This variety keeps the experience fresh and exciting, catering to different preferences and interests.

Recently, Stork made the decision to focus on their flagship product, the upcoming Stork Wallet which will be powered by their StorkNFTs, emphasizing the collaborative and inclusive approach taken by the company.

Find Stork’s Questboard here and join the community on Zealy to participate

3. Partnerships & Ambassadors Quests

WizardLand Sui Partnership Quests on Zealy
WizardLand Sui Partnership Quests on Zealy

Boosting partnerships with Quests on Zealy is a powerful strategy to foster collaboration and strengthen relationships. By designing Quests specifically tailored for partners, you can create engaging experiences that encourage your community to interact. These quests can include tasks such as promoting joint initiatives, co-creating content, or conducting partner-specific challenges. The benefits of using Quests to boost partnerships include:

  • Enhanced brand exposure through joint efforts.
  • Strengthened relationships and trust with partners.
  • Shared goals and objectives for mutual success.
  • Opportunities for new communities to find out about you and other projects in the ecosystem
WizardLand is a sui generis NFT project inspired by one of the MMORPG games with a fantasy theme.

Find them on Zealy and join the Questboard to start participating!

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