Gamifying Community Strategies for Music Projects in Web3

In this post, we will explore how you can unlock the potential of your music platform with Zealy.

Gamifying Community Strategies for Music Projects in Web3
By Brenda C.

By leveraging the knowledge and proficiency of KOLO.Market, TabiNFT, and Bitsong, you will gain insights into implementing a gamified community approach to create a comprehensive engagement for your contributors.

Test your Community’s Music Knowledge

Make learning a fun experience by using the Quiz Quest, which allows you to automate and enjoy testing your community’s knowledge.

Kolo.Market on Zealy
KOLO.Market, the world’s first classical music NFT platform, aims to offer NFT holders various monetization methods and create a transparent NFT platform.

Find their full Questboard here

Manage your Ambassador Squad

Highlight the essential steps for your Ambassadors to flourish in their endeavours. You have the flexibility to incorporate onboarding, disclaimers, challenges, and various other elements to support their growth.

BitSong on Zealy

Amplify Your Events Reach

Boost your events (Festivals, AMAs, Twitter Spaces, Livestreams) and incentivize your community to spread the word!

Loorz on Zealy

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