Using Zealy to Grow Your Metaverse Community

Explore different strategies to grow and incentivize your Metaverse community. Whether you're a creator, innovator, or follower, Zealy is the right place to boost your community.

Using Zealy to Grow Your Metaverse Community

Drawing on the expertise of Numi, Lamina1, VivalVerse and REBASE you can unlock the potential of a gamified community strategy that will elevate engagement, keep your community well-informed with product news, optimize the product testing experience, drive app downloads, and effectively leverage Zealy's top features to foster the growth of your contributor community.

1. Testnet Quests

Nümi uses Testnet Quests on Zealy to gamify the product testing process, enticing users to actively participate and explore the product on the testnet, increasing adoption and engagement.
Nümi is an interactive virtual world that is free to play for everyone. It is also a universal hub for creators, innovators, and followers. ****You can experience immersive content, create virtual collectibles or get drops without spending a penny

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2. Daily Tweet Quests

Lamina1’s Tweet Quests elevate users' experience by facilitating them to catch up with project and ecosystem news.
Lamina1 is a Layer 1 blockchain optimized for the Open Metaverse — providing communities with infrastructure, not gatekeepers, to build a more immersive internet.

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3. App Download Quests

Rebase leverages Zealy Quests to incentivize app downloads and product trials
Rebase is an AR Adventure & Web3 lifestyle application that lets you explore, collect, and redeem exclusive digital rewards in real life. Navigate through a world of opportunities ready to be claimed every day. Whether it’s event tickets, merchandise, coupons, or anything else you could imagine, there will always be something for you to find.

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3. Quiz Quests

Do your members know about all the benefits of your project? Try engaging them as Rebase does 😉

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