Building a Gamified Community Strategy for Your Gaming Platform: A Game Within a Game

In this post, we'll explore how you can unlock the potential of your gaming platform!

Building a Gamified Community Strategy for Your Gaming Platform: A Game Within a Game

By Brenda C.

Drawing on the expertise of Miracle Play, GameSwift Expedition and TabiNFT, you’ll discover how to use a gamified community strategy to boost engagement through automated role Quests, enhance the learning experience with quiz Quests, grow your Telegram channels, and take advantage of the top Zealy features to grow your community of contributors.

Boosting Engagement with the Automated Role Quest

One of the most effective ways to keep your community engaged is by implementing automated role quests using Zealy's Questboard. As community members complete quests, Zealy can automatically assign roles to them, streamlining the process and giving players a sense of achievement

Miracle Play takes beta testing to the next level by giving their contributors exclusive roles once they unlock enough Quests to participate.

Growing Your Telegram Channels With Zealy

Here's an easy way to keep your community informed! Telegram channels can serve as a valuable medium for community interaction and updates. Consider implementing this in your onboarding or general Quests, as Miracle Play does:

Miracle Play is a platform where everyone can profit through tournament games!

Find their Questboard on Zealy and start participating!

Enhance Community Learning Experience with the Quiz Quests

GameSwift Expedition has taken their community's learning experience to the next level by incorporating Quiz Quests and their LitePape. This interactive quizzes not only entertain the players but also educate and challenge them, fostering a sense of growth and knowledge within the community:

GameSwift Expedition is a one-stop gaming ecosystem. Their original infrastructure facilitates implementing blockchain technology and sharing in-game resources for game developers, allowing players to enjoy their gaming experience to the fullest.

Find GameSwift Expedition on Zealy

Enable Zealy Invites and Grow Your Community of Contributors

Tabi has enabled Zealy's invite feature for its users to invite their friends to the platform. This is a great way to expand the community of contributors and increase the visibility of your project.

Bridge Web2 to Web3 through gameplay and NFTs! Tabi is a marketplace driven by its community, and they have been steadily building in the bear market with the support of their community. Tabi's community consists of Web3 adventurers like you.

Find Tabi on Zealy and join their community

Increase Your Daily Engagement on Twitter

Automated daily Quests can make your life easier! Your community can catch up with the latest updates on Twitter while also being rewarded for interacting with your content.

AMARNA is a MOBA game based on blockchain technology You can play AMARNA with your friends, make a team, and fight a battle against others. Besides, you can earn $AMAR token by your skills.

Find their Questboard on Zealy

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