Top 3 Quest Strategies to Elevate Education in Web3 Projects

Top 3 Quest Strategies to Elevate Education in Web3 Projects

In this post, we will explore how to use Zealy in your education strategy through a curated selection of Quests from the expertise of Suipiens, and LayerZero Corner who are crushing it on Zealy right now!

1. Promote Readings and Visits to Your Blog

Direct your contributors to your blog or website and reward them for their readings!
Suipiens is a community to discover the latest news on the Sui Blockchain Ecosystem.

Read our interview with Suipiens to find out more about their strategy here and find the Questboard on Zealy

2. Keeping Your Community Updated

Looking for a more informed and involved user base? Enable a Daily Quest where people get updates, important dates, or information related to your project.

Suipiens incentivizes daily visits to their Questboard, Calendar, and socials, ensuring a well-informed community about project activities, news, and events.

3. Increasing Content Reach

Empower your community to spread knowledge and updates by sharing information, updates, and content, while offering enticing rewards for their efforts.

This not only encourages community engagement but also facilitates the dissemination of valuable information among their contacts, fostering a broader reach and deeper impact.
LayerZero is a community project that provides news, updates and original content related to the LayerZero Ecosystem.

Find their Questboard here

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