Enhancing Your DeFi Community with Zealy

This post will explore how to use Zealy to enhance your DeFi community while engaging and retaining high-quality contributors.

Enhancing Your DeFi Community with Zealy

By Brenda C.

Today we'll draw on the experiences of DeFi leaders, such as SuiSwap, Vent Finance, Ryu Finance and FusionX Finance, who are currently blowing up on Zealy as they create successful community growth strategies. Let’s go!

Maximizing your Reach: Spreading the Word and Engaging Quality Contributors

For better reach and engagement with your audience on Zealy, consider using Tweet Quests. Here's how:

  1. Post your roadmap, whitepaper, and documentation on Twitter.
  2. Use Zealy's Quests to encourage contributors to retweet, like, and comment on your posts.

By doing this, you'll be able to increase your reach and engage with your audience more effectively.

SuiSwap, for example, uses Zealy to share documentation, guiding users through their product and ensuring information is well received by the maximum amount of people.
Suiswap is a decentralized token trading platform and exchange built on the SUI blockchain by Vivid Network. It aims to provide a secure, fast, and agile trading environment for the SUI ecosystem. In this article, we will provide an in-depth look at Suiswap, its key components, and the overall vision of the platform.

Find SuiSwap on Zealy and join the community here

Partnering for Success: How Zealy Can Help Boost Your DeFi Community

Using Zealy to promote your partnerships will increases collaboration!

With Zealy, you can:

  • Spotlight key partnerships
  • Create campaigns with other communities
  • Increase the reach of your project by being discovered in their communities and vice versa.
When it comes to Vent's partnerships, they spotlight all their valuable collaborations and encourage the community to interact with their socials and campaigns.
VENT is a community crowdfunding ecosystem that makes it easy to join compliant token sales of credible blockchain projects.

Read more about Vent Finance here and join their Zealy Questboard

Using Zealy to Test and Showcase Your Project Features

Take your community on a drive along your product and get your features tested by your contributors:

Ryu Finance uses Zealy to invite users to try their product on the testnet. By guiding users through the entire process and receiving feedback on each of your features, you can improve your product and build a stronger relationship with your users.
Ryu Finance is an Innovation-focused and Open source DEX platform focused on DeFi and GameFi, build on the SUI Ecosystem.

Find the Ryu Finance Questboard on Zealy and start participating →

Elevate your Project with Feedback from your Community.

Actively addressing the needs of your users is the ultimate way to enhance your product. This not only helps you improve it but also fosters a stronger and more meaningful relationship between your users and your brand.

FusionX regularly runs Quests to gather community feedback. These Quests are active every week and help ensure user needs are being resolved.
FusionX Finance is Native Dex on Mantle Network. Powering Defi ecosystem which is built by the community and for the community.

Find FusionX on Zealy and join the community here

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