Integrating Zealy into Your DAO's Community Strategy

Integrating Zealy into Your DAO's Community Strategy

By Brenda C.

In this post, we will explore how to use Zealy in your community growth strategy through a curated selection of Quests. We'll draw on the experiences of amazing DAO communities crushing it on Zealy right now, such as Magic Square, Joystream, and YouSui.

Gamifying Community Validation Voting

Zealy offers you a platform to create Quests that reward participants for casting their votes. This can motivate community members to engage more actively in your voting processes while also encouraging your contributors to come back for more!

Magic Square takes things to the next level by featuring community-vetted apps and games on their Questboard.
Magic Square is a Discovery & Engagement Platform for the Web3 Crypto Ecosystem. Users can Discover Community-Vetted Apps and Games, Rewards, Giveaways, and more, with incredible use-to-earn opportunities.

Find Magic Square on Zealy here

The Community Creative Quests

Unleash the creativity of your community members by adding Quests that encourage content creation. This is a great way to let your contributors showcase their knowledge and promote brand awareness.

We all love organic growth, don’t we? Well, Joystream is expanding its presence on various social media channels by encouraging content creation from its contributors.
Joystream is an open-source platform, with an open blockchain at its core, powering multiple video streaming Apps simultaneously. Videos uploaded via any app built on Joystream can reach consumers of other apps on the network, allowing creators to expand their audience with a single account without extra effort.

Find Joystream on Zealy and join the community!

Gathering Community Feedback

Zealy enables you to reward your members for providing feedback about your product. For example, YouSUI uses surveys to collect feedback, product reviews, token selection, and even the community's favourite Quests.

YouSUI is an All-In-One platform that runs on the Sui Blockchain and includes DEX, Launchpad, NFT Marketplace and Bridge.

Join their community on Zealy and start contributing!

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