How Zealy Empowers Star Atlas to Deliver Full Community Engagement and Product Adoption

Star Atlas, a groundbreaking space exploration MMO developed with Unreal Engine 5, is making significant strides in community engagement and interactive gaming experiences.

How Zealy Empowers Star Atlas to Deliver Full Community Engagement and Product Adoption

By Brenda C.

The Star Atlas's most recent campaign on Zealy follows the journey of a player and Saand, a memoryless Punaab stranded on a desert planet after a ship crash. Together, they embark on an adventure across the Galia Expanse, seeking to recover Saand's lost memories and uncover the secrets hidden within the Star Atlas universe.

With Zealy, we have a perfect platform for pioneering the creation of new user experiences: seamlessly generating full community engagement and giving every user a high level of interactivity with our products and with the living, breathing world of Star Atlas.

Michael Wagner, Co-founder of Star Atlas and CEO of ATMTA, Inc.

Building a Strong Community

Star Atlas has cultivated a vibrant community, mostly in North America and LATAM, with over 190,000 members on Discord and more than 300,000 Twitter followers. The community is a crucial part of Star Atlas's philosophy, actively contributing to the game's development, and forming a vital part of its growth.

Our community is a central part of our philosophy. They are our builders and they help us improve the project.

Miguel Moorcraft, Chief of Staff at Star Atlas

Leveraging Zealy for Community Engagement

After dedicating almost two years to developing the game's architecture, the Star Atlas team embarked on a mission to amplify engagement, foster community interaction, and reward active participation to elevate its community growth.

"We really wanted to engage our community to interact with the product and reward those users who interact the most," says Miguel.

The team decided to use gamification to reach their community goals. Star Atlas chose Zealy as the catalyst to provide incentives to their thriving community.

The Star Atlas Questboard

To execute the Zealy campaign, Star Atlas developed a Questboard inspired by the concept of Missions.

By completing Questboard objectives, community members gain recognition for their support and acquire unique in-game assets exclusive to those who complete the challenges.
The community not only expands their understanding of the Star Atlas universe but also earns valuable rewards that showcase their commitment and expertise.

The Zealy x Star Atlas Campaign Facilitates Universe Discovery

By directing community members to participate through Zealy, Star Atlas has increased its reach and enabled users to explore the various facets of the game and ecosystem.

The Quests are communicating what our product is, and completing them will allow you to uncover secrets about the Star Atlas universe

Miguel at Star Atlas

Strategic Planning and Brand Alignment

In the vast expanse of Star Atlas, no planning detail was left to chance. Star Atlas meticulously built its universe and integrated Zealy into its brand to reach a wide spectrum of community members.

Read more about the Missions here

Merging Fun and Success

The team understands that success is not just about achieving objectives, but also about creating an unforgettable experience that merges fun and depth. They chose Zealy as an engine to produce such experiences and grow their product.

Star Atlas has empowered its community to not only experience the game but become an integral part of its evolution and success.

Zealy Delivers Impactful Results to Star Atlas

Star Atlas set out to achieve several core objectives through their initial Zealy campaign, including boosting engagement, onboarding new users, and promoting content creation.

Let's take a look at the results:

  1. Increased Reach: Within the first two weeks of the campaign, the daily mentions on Twitter increased by 7X, generating over 2 million impressions. This heightened visibility helped expand the game's audience and attract new users to the ecosystem.
  2. Engagement and Interaction: Star Atlas experienced a 4X increase in their events attendance when rewarding users with XP for attending Discord community meets of their superusers.
  3. Product Adoption and Awareness: One of the primary goals of the Zealy campaign was to incentivize the community to explore all of Star Atlas's products.
The Zealy campaign successfully boosted product adoption and raised awareness of Star Atlas's diverse offerings” - concludes Miguel.

A Product that Transforms and Elevates Community

Star Atlas understands the vital role of an incredible gaming experience in achieving success. That's why they've chosen Zealy as the platform to gamify their universe features. They are forming a powerful bond between their product, community, and core objectives.

The Heart of Star Atlas - Gallery Poster
Star Atlas is much more than the premier MMO on Solana — it's a vast ecosystem offering players an immersive experience far beyond what a triple-A game can offer. This also includes real-world value and utility that only a platform with digital collectibles at the center can unlock.

Michael Wagner, Co-founder of Star Atlas and CEO of ATMTA, Inc.

The immersive experience offered by Zealy is just the beginning of the journey towards building an extraordinary gaming ecosystem.

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