Gamified Community Growth: Michelin's Journey with Zealy

Michelin has recently launched the ‘Michelin Club’, gathering people passionate about motorsports, gastronomy, and travel providing access to exclusive experiences with Michelin. The key to their success lies in their ability to tap into the passions of their potential customers.

Gamified Community Growth: Michelin's Journey with Zealy

By Brenda C.

The Michelin Club on Zealy is a new way to interact with the brand. Michelin created a club to gather people passionate about motorsports, gastronomy, and travel. The key to their success lies in their ability to tap into the passions of their potential customers, creating a symbiotic relationship where both the brand and its audience thrive together.

The experiences include the opportunity to attend the revelation gala of the famous MICHELIN Guide selection attended by top-flight chefs, to the one-hundredth anniversary of the 24 Hours of Le Mans alongside the MICHELIN Motorsport Team and the MotoGP Grand Prix.

Building Community and Creating New Experiences

Michelin has a desire to create new experiences for its customers while consolidating its relationship with its community. To make this happen, Michelin uses gamification through Zealy as a crucial tool to engage and grow the community.

We are building this community to bring people closer. Michelin is a very distinctive brand and widely recognized, but we rarely have the chance to connect directly. Building the 3xplorer Club through Zealy is a way to create direct contact with a new generation

Clément Pouget-Osmont, Michelin 3xplorer Club Lead

A 360° Community Strategy with Zealy

Michelin rewards its community through meritocracy and aims to reach a global playing field, allowing every Michelin fan to participate, regardless of location.

The strategy involves Live Quests, a combination of gamification and real-life experiences to introduce people to Michelin's diverse fields and inspire a new generation of brand enthusiasts.

The Michelin Questboard

The Quests offer various activities across many Michelin products, catering to different interests and challenges. Participants start by exploring the brand's history to deepen their understanding. Next, they embark on a quest to find Michelin Star restaurants using the Michelin Guide and engage in capturing various Michelin-related elements through photography. Along this journey, they are also encouraged to seek out Michelin's iconic mascot, Bibendum. This immersive experience often leads to a growing emotional bond with Bibendum, and over several weeks, participants start to see him everywhere.

Among the community's favorite Quests are the Michelin Quests, attracting food lovers, travelers, and explorers alike. These Quests provide participants with opportunities to delve deeper into Michelin's world and connect with the brand on a personal level.

With over 100,000 Quests already completed, the Michelin community is passionate about the club.

To reward the most active members, the Adventurer Role is unlocked once they complete a certain number of Quests on Zealy. This allows access to the level where people can apply to join the whitelist for the Michelin Man-NFTs.

Organic Community Growth

One notable aspect of Michelin's success with the 3xplorer Club is that they achieved significant community growth and engagement without relying on any dedicated marketing budget. Instead, they leveraged Zealy as a cost-effective tool to quickly expand their community.

Zealy has been a great way to grow our community quickly without spending tons and tons of budget on different efforts to get results and test new ideas”

Jeremie Laboulbene, Michelin Team

Increasing Engagement in Michelin Community Using Zealy

The most direct result of using Zealy is high engagement with a new generation of Michelin fans. Around 30% of the Michelin community on Zealy have successfully reached the required level to join the whitelist.

Clément explains why:

✔ The community is particularly active and enjoys establishing direct connections with brands (if they do things right, of course).
✔ Becoming an owner of a piece of the brand digitally, thanks to NFTs, for instance, further reinforces this sense of belonging.

Michelin's Pioneering Path into new ways to interact with the brand

Michelin's club represents a new frontier in brand engagement.

A key step in this direction is the development of a unique digital collectibles collection featuring the iconic Michelin Man.
Michelin sees in online communities a new way of doing business. The community and the space are new, so the purpose is to start exploring this new world with a strong community that helps build and decide the future.

Jeremie Laboulbene, Michelin Team

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